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If classes interest you, we offer a wide range from Beginning Stitching to Enhancement Workshops. When you expand your stitching knowledge, a whole new world of creativity awaits you.

Here's an idea of what each class covers:

Beginning Stitching
If you've been wanting to start but don't know where or how to begin, this is the ideal class for you. In this one-session two-hour class, you will learn the basketweave stitch, which is the most basic needlepoint stitch. Class fee includes a painted canvas, threads, project sheets and professional instructions. We've even added a class directed to adolescents to encourage this art for the younger set.

Enhancement Workshop
Looking to spice up your project, then this is just what you need. Here is an opportunity to bring in your own project to this single-session two-hour class and learn some exciting stitches, suggested by our experts, to enhance your work by moving on from the tried and true basketweave and exploring the beauty you can create with artistic stitches and fibers.

Stitches and Treads Notebook ClassStitches and Threads Notebook Classes
This class runs for 5 sessions of two hours each and offers the opportunity to learn a variety of stitches as well as the types and uses of a multitude of fibers. As the class progresses, you will build a notebook of canvas swatches with the stitches you have learned and the threads you have used - this makes for a wonderful resource as you continue your stitching adventures! This class is the perfect follow-up to the Beginning Stitching class.

Special Project Classes
We will select a canvas that offers opportunities to explore new stitches and apply the artistic touches available from our many fibers. Take advantage of these classes to create a treasure while under the experienced guidance of one of our needlepoint aficionados. Class fees include a painted canvas, threads, custom stitch guide, project sheets and professional instruction.

Depending on the size and complexity of the project, these classes generally run from four to six hours of instruction.

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