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Catalog Help Desk

Shopping on-line can be a delight or a disaster -- your experience with us promises to be a delight! Our shopping cart is simple and straightforward: you browse our catalog (either by category or "key word" search), select your items and checkout in a secure on-line environment. If you change your mind after making a selection, the on-line order review process allows you to delete or edit any items from your shopping cart prior to submitting your order. Since we do not use any automatic on-line credit card clearing houses to process your order, your shopping habits and credit card numbers remain secure with us and since your privacy is important to us, we don't share with anyone. Once you place an order, you will receive a confirming e-mail just to let you know we received your order. In addition, we will send you an "update" e-mail when your order has been shipped. We will ship most orders within 48 hours -- unless you have requested a special item or we are currently out-of-stock. In case of special items or out-of-stock, we will get in touch with you and provide you the opportunity to cancel your order or keep it pending shipment.

Should you prefer to pay by check rather than by credit card,  the item you wish will be reserved for you for seven (7) days.  During that interim the item will not be sold to a second customer, while awaiting the arrival of your check. Upon receipt, your check, which must have your state driver's license noted on the face in or near the "Memo" space, will be presented for immediate payment by your bank electronically. Your bank account will be debited in the amount of the check at the time of presentation and the debit transaction will appear on your next bank statement.  Your original check will be stamped "PAID" in the offices of An Itch To Stitch once processed and you will receive the cancelled check back with your merchandise.  Checks unable to be processed due to non-sufficient funds will be charged $30.00.

For more information, you can view our policies and procedures below, or if you're ready, click to start shopping on-line.

Payment Options:
We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, Money Orders and Personal Checks. Please, do not send any cash. Payment is due prior to shipment. For Special Orders and Needlepoint Finishing, please see special deposit requirements.

Our standard shipping is USPS Best Shipping. Shipping is calculated on the total weight of the order and is rounded up to the nearest pound in accordance with the current USPS shipping rates for residential deliveries. Occasionally, shipping fees may be slightly higher or lower than calculated through the on-line catalog. In those instances, we will contact you and advise you of any changes and allow you the opportunity to cancel the order prior to shipping. For additional fees, we will offer express shipping options. All standard orders will be shipped within 48 hours. A $4.00 handling fee is applied to all orders regardless of size.

Cancellation Policy:
You may cancel your standard purchased items order at any time prior to shipping unless you have requested a Special Order. For Special Orders please see the Special Orders section. For Needlepoint Finishing Orders, please see the Needlepoint Finishing Orders section.

Security and Privacy:
We do not use an automated credit card clearing house to process payments for your purchase. Once you order via our secure on-line system, we will process your credit card purchase in-house and will not keep your card number in our customer files unless you request that it be added to our in-house client database. Your customer profile (excluding payment information) is stored in the secured database of our shopping cart host. Our shopping cart host does not access or use this information for any purpose other than assisting An Itch To Stitch with our on-line catalog operation. For inventory management and records keeping purposes, your actual order information is stored securely in our in-house business records. We do not sell, rent or otherwise share any of our customer information with any other businesses or individuals. We guard your private information as we would expect our own to be treated.

Canvas and Thread Color Variations:
Because thread dye lots may differ or the artist painting the canvas might change paints and/or color mixtures we cannot guarantee the exact colors of a painted canvas or threads. When multiple packages of threads are ordered, we will ship "same" dye lots. Additionally, as computer monitors vary in their resolution and display of colors, the image you see from the on-line catalog may be "color distorted".

Return Policy:
Because we examine every item for faults or defects -- and won't ship if it doesn't meet our standards, we rarely expect returns due to product defects. Painted canvases, cut blank canvases, books, yarns, threads and fibers are not returnable so please make your selections carefully. Notions and accessories may be returned within 30 days from invoicing, so long as they are unopened in the original manufacturer's packaging.

Refund Policy:
If a purchased product is returned at the request of the customer, return postage is the responsibility of the customer. A credit for the purchase price of the returned items (excluding any shipping and handling fees) will be made in accordance with the original purchase invoice when the returned item is received at An Itch To Stitch. If a purchase has been paid for by credit card, the original credit card account will be credited;  if by check,  An Itch to Stitch will issue a check in the name of the original purchaser. For refunds on Needlepoint Finishing, please see the Needlepoint Finishing section.

Special Orders:
Special Orders will be accepted with a 50% deposit at time of ordering. The balance of payment will be due prior to shipment. Special Orders are nonrefundable. If you cancel a Special Order prior to shipment, your deposit will be forfeited.

Needlepoint Finishing Orders:
All Needlepoint Finishing is nonrefundable. All Needlepoint Finishing Orders for belts must be paid in full at the time the unfinished belt canvas is received by An Itch To Stitch. All other Needlepoint Finishing Orders require a 50% deposit at the time the customer accepts the quoted rate for finishing a project. Upon receipt of your project for finishing, An Itch To Stitch will respond with a fee quote requiring your signature for acceptance. When your acceptance confirmation is returned to An Itch To Stitch, please include the 50% deposit. Should you cancel your finishing request prior to the completion of finishing, all labor and expenses incurred by An Itch To Stitch, up to the date of cancellation, must be paid in full prior to returning your unfinished/partially finished project. All shipping fees are the responsibility of the customer. The balance of payment will be due prior to shipment of the finished item.

Contacting us:
Phone: (314) 995-9800 or (866) 918-9800


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