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Our Needlepoint Shop

We offer a full service shop, as we are proud to say, "Our quality and service come before your first stitch, our expert finishing touch comes after your last". Over the years we have enhanced our offerings, expanded our finishing staff and increased our shop space to include not only our retail displays and in-house finishing but a teaching and stitching area and a fiber display room complete with "true lighting". Currently, we are working on expanding our presence in the e-commerce market to bring our shop on-line to stitchers across the country.

Whether you are a novice or a proficient stitcher, we can accommodate your every needlepoint need from selecting the right canvas and threads to preparing custom stitch and thread guides and suggesting finishings that will truly make your needlepoint project a treasured heirloom. In addition to our painted canvases from many, many designers and our extensive selection of yarns and threads, we offer a full line of accessories and notions for the discriminating needlepointers, including frames, stands, task lights, books, blank canvas (white as well as a rainbow of colors), stitching tools and notions. We even have our own artist who can paint anything from custom purses to commemorative pillows -- if you can imagine it, she can paint it! If we don't have what you need in the shop, we are happy to order any needlepoint items from any one of our hundreds of vendors.

We invite you to stop by, either in person or on-line. Whether you are looking for a special item or just want to browse, we are certain you will find it a very enjoyable experience!

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